The application form part A contains a number of appendices.

Appendix 1: Conclusions about possible environmental effects

Annex II of Directive 2001/18/EC lists under D1 a number of aspects that, whenever applicable, form the basis for the conclusions about the possible environmental effects of the proposed release of GMOs into the environment. The aspects that apply are mentioned in Part A, Appendix 1 of the application form and must be taken into account when drafting the conclusions of the risk assessment. A summary of the conclusions about possible environmental effects must be filled in for each of the points named in this appendix.

Appendix 2: General information (confidential part)

Specific personal details of the contact person and the environmental safety officer must be supplied as indicated in ‘Part A, Appendix 2: General information’. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, all data submitted in this appendix will be kept confidential and will thus not be made publicly available.

SNIFSummary Notification Information Format  B Form

In accordance with European notification procedures, you must complete a Summary Notification Information Format (SNIF). Article 11 of Directive 2001/18/EC stipulates that there be exchange of information between the competent authorities and the European Commission. This means that the competent authorities must send a summary of the application form (SNIF form) to the Commission. The SNIF form can be found on the website of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission ( Other Member States can then comment on it within 30 days. A Member State can also request to receive a copy of the full notification.

The SNIF B (‘other GMOGenetically Modified Organism ’) form can be downloaded together with the application form, or separately from the website of the Joint Research Centre ( Examples of previously completed SNIFsare also available on this website.

The SNIF form must be completed in English and sent in to the GMO Office through the Gene Therapy Office as an electronic file in MS Word format.