On this page you find contact details of the Gene Therapy Office.

Gene Therapy Office 
Coördinator: Dr. Ir. M.M.C. Gielkens

PO Box Postal address
PO Box 1 
Intern postvak 1 
3720 BA Bilthoven 
The Netherlands 
Intern postvak 1
Antonie van Leeuwenhoeklaan 9
3721 MA Bilthoven
The Netherlands 

Tel: +31 88 689 7099
Internet: http://www.loketgentherapie.nl/ 
Email: contact@loketgentherapie.nl

GMO Genetically Modified Organism (Genetically Modified Organism) Office, Dr. Ir. M.M.C. Gielkens, +31 88 689 7099 
CCMO Central Committee on Research involving Human Subjects (Central Committee on Research involving Human Subjects), Dr K.R.J. Vanmolkot, +31 70 340 6700

Directions to the Gene Therapy Office (RIVM)