You can submit all applications simultaneously, but it is preferable to submit for each assessment body separately.

You do not have to wait until you are ready to submit all applications simultaneously. If your application for the Ministry of IenW Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) is ready earlier, it may be more expedient for you to apply for this permit on the basis of the GMO Genetically Modified Organism (Genetically Modified Organism) Decree in advance of the other applications. Because the IenW permit procedure is subject to statutory time periods for public perusal, it has the longest applicable total procedure (120 days). This is followed, in decreasing order of length, by CCMO Central Committee on Research involving Human Subjects (Central Committee on Research involving Human Subjects) (90 days) and by VWS Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport) (44 days). In terms of content, it is possible to apply for the IenW permit separately from the other authorisations because the research protocol is not part of the IenWapplication.

In Part A of the application form you are not allowed to make reference to Part B or to the CCMO research file. Nor are you allowed to include, or make reference to, any confidential information.

The assessment procedures describe the way in which the procedures have been coordinated. More details on the procedure per body are also provided. As regards the coordination between the different bodies, we recommend that investigators explicitly grant permission for consultation and for the exchange of data between the bodies with regard to his or her application. Such formal permission is included in the application form.

There is no fees associated with the submission of an application and further procedures by the assessment bodies.

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